Friday, August 1, 2008

school is out forever

school fail me so i learn to cheat and sqeek buy on A D C who U can B if yew your appy self AH they try to teach me to be me but they failed two sea i all ready was lucky fore i learn to speak 4 nett kick leah cos my uncles lee frenette ah... p. s. whos the dummy any way there still in the same grade i vewel it true A E I O and sum times Y who knew all i needed was U

if you had 1/2 a cents

half of what you know is true find some one with the other half you got it all now your set for life man and wife know kidding your set for moore so explore open the door the world is yours and when its over your kids carry on the world goes on so rock on the world gets better get it togetter imgine it better one and one and one is three elvis john george jesus let it be what a world can be and famliy tree elvis plant the seed out spouted the beates thats leave me dancing in the steet so wont you joint me be happy is free sound like heaven to me nothing beats that drum is in your hand so stick to it make alittle noise the march goes on long after your gone but the dream geos on if sing along so aim four the top arock doesnt stop till it finds the write spot of the plot the power and the glory behold the power of glory same story so go fore the glory or your bee story it only story sorry i thought you new so now what two do what you going too do start write a way it depenes on you itall brand knew im happy for you take your time if you like its your life rite twice in a life time love can true 1/2 a second mom wow its true belive in one day love will find a way when the luckey day comes you will find the one that chance of your life dont think twice but write twice but four god sakes b nice

A Poem knew home

Kissed by the sun put a shine on my face can wipe the smile from my face I wish their were more daze like these kissed by the moonlight put a shine on my face can't wipe the smile from my face harvest moon distant stars ocean waves surrender to the shores just like kisses were meant to be i wish there were more days like these...